How a Claim Becomes a Check

Jul 14 2015
There is “No Purchase Necessary” and no fee to search for unclaimed property that may be held in your name with the West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office. Keep reading to see how you can get in on some of this cold hard cash!

It's all Greek to me

Jul 02 2015
If you think of Ancient Greece, you might think of the Disney movie Hercules or you might make jokes about Hades, or you may even think of Zeus with his powerful lightning bolts and Poseidon with his handy-dandy trident. But you most likely won’t think of the realistic aspects of everyday life and the people that lived there, much less the options market.

Do You Know What You’ve Invested In?

Jun 16 2015
WV Retirement Plus has 24 different options that participants can choose from. These options are divided into investment categories and asset classes. We’d like to give a brief description of each of these to better help you understand how your contributions are invested.

Remembering the Lost

May 19 2015
Over the years the Treasurer's Office has received safe deposit box contents containing Military Items. See how these special items are treated differently from other safe deposit box contents to preserve history.
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