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Financial Records

Treasurer John Perdue, the banker of state government, works hard to safeguard and create transparency in government. Since being elected Treasurer, Perdue has brought state government records online to ensure that taxpayer money is being used properly and to provide a strong accounting of the state’s financial activity. John Perdue believes that public servants should be honest, open and transparent with their work for the people, thereby creating an online opportunity for the people of West Virginia to stay informed on the financial records for the Treasurer’s Office.

In addition to other duties, the Administration Division oversees the vast majority of financial records for the Treasurer’s office. Whether it is revenue distribution for oil and gas taxes, coal severance taxes, wine, liquor and private club taxes, regional jail fund distributions, volunteer fire department distributions, limited video lottery distributions, table game lottery distributions or policemen’s and firemen’s pension funds, the State Treasurer’s Office provides a full, online accounting of all of those state tax dollars.

For more information on the financial records, please do not hesitate to contact the Administration Division at (304) 558-5000.