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As the “Banker of West Virginia,” State Treasurer John Perdue oversees the majority of the Mountain State’s cash management – an integral part of the Treasurer’s office.  Since 1997, John Perdue has successfully transformed West Virginia’s cash management operation into a state-of-the-art, efficient and secure banking system.

Recently, the Cash Management division upgraded the State’s system for deposits.  Now, most checks that are received for deposit in the Treasurer’s Office will be converted to electronic debits from the consumers' bank accounts. The Treasurer’s Office will use an electronic image to capture those consumer payments.  This upgrade will increase interest earnings on state deposits by getting funds deposited into bank accounts faster.

Treasurer Perdue oversees more than $13 billion on an annual basis in Cash Management area. The Treasurer also collects, disburses and manages state and local government funds, which allows the state and municipalities to operate.  Cash Management provides key online services, such as the Internet Participant Access System (iPAS) and Treasury Online Payment Systems (TOPS), which allow the state and localities to conduct business in real time in a safe and secure way.