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Teacher Professional Development NEFE High School Financial Planning Program
ABCs of Credit Card Finance (11-12) The Budget Game (middle grades)
Financial Soccer Financial Football Training Camp (9-12)


Free Educational Resources List

Are you looking for some effective free teaching materials to help you bring life to financial literacy education? We scour through hundreds of financial education web sites, booklets, lesson plans, videos and more to catalog the very best and most productive free resources for you.

NEFE High School Financial Planning Program®

The Treasurer's Office has partnered with The National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE) to provide West Virginia's high schools with the NEFE High School Financial Planning Program. It is an excellent introduction to financial planning through course work that covers the fundamentals of money management. All course materials are offered free of charge to West Virginia high schools. The WVSTO provides technical assistance and training support for implementing this program. All lessons are linked to West Virginia Content Standards and Objectives.

  • Click to see program details on NEFE's web site. To order the free course materials, teachers
           should click on the Instructors Log In link at the top of the page, and then complete the quick
           site registration process.
  • View WV CSOs Table (PDF file) for the NEFE High School Financial Planning Program.

ABCs of Credit Card Finance

(Grades 9-Adult)

The ABCs of Credit Card Finance is designed to teach high school students how to avoid the pitfalls of credit cards. From 2003 to 2008, The State Treasurer's Office provided state high schools with copies of the "ABCs" lesson book for distribution to all seniors. Since 2009, the booklet, teachers’ guide and lesson plans are only available through downloadable pdf format.

The Budget Game

(Grades 6 and up)

The Budget Game is designed to expose students to the decision process required to build a household budget. Students learn the give and take required to live within their means. The game also stresses saving. Student game sheets are available on the website or can be ordered in quantities from the WVSTO. A featured resource for Middle School grades, but also good for high school and adults. Hard copies available for WV residents only. 

  • Download and print Budget Game sheets from PDF file.
  • Download and print Teacher Guide from MS Word file.
  • WV Residents Order printed game sheets via email. Include your name, address and quantity needed.