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Entries for October 2016

The West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office and Mission West Virginia will present 12 children with $1,200 invested in SMART529 college savings accounts as part of the SMART START adoption award progra...
West Virginia Retirement Plus has surpassed $200 million in assets, the continuation of a dramatic 10-year growth period.As of Sept. 30 the plan possessed $200.2 million in total assets, a remarkable ...
It’s no trick—the Treasurer’s Office could be holding unclaimed property that belongs to you! We’ve searched out a few rightful owners with spooky names in an effort to give them a treat this Hallowee...
Fifty West Virginia investment professionals have been named to the fourteenth annual SMART529 Honor Roll for encouraging families to save for higher education. “West Virginia’s financial advisors pla...
State Treasurer John Perdue’s office is conducting a series of activities in light of National Retirement Security Week.A trio of informational meetings kicked off 11 a.m. to 2 p.m Tuesday in the Trea...
State Treasurer John Perdue’s office is preparing to distribute the first fiscal quarter of fees derived from higher-powered fireworks.A total of 428 volunteer fire departments across the state will e...

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