NetWorth is a comprehensive financial education initiative designed to teach personal financial management in all of West Virginia’s public schools. State Treasurer John D. Perdue developed the concept for the NetWorth program because of his commitment to financial education.

In 2008, the Treasurer’s Office partnered with the State Board of Education to begin implementing the program, with the support of several other state and local agencies. The goal is to start teaching financial education in kindergarten and continue through all grade levels to produce financially literate high school graduates. NetWorth incorporates personal finance lessons into core subject areas such as math, language arts, and social studies. This strategy is designed to avoid additional burdens on educators and meet student demands.

The NetWorth program is in its third phase of development. Currently, the Treasurer’s Office is working with the State Board of Education to implement county-by-county teacher training for the program. More than 70 classroom instructors use the program.

NetWorth is the recipient of the 2009 Excellence in Financial Literacy Education Award from the Institute for Financial Literacy. In addition, the program was selected as a 2010 and 2011 regional finalist for a Council of State Governments Innovations Award.

John Perdue has created critical partnerships – with citizens, businesses, and other government entities – to ensure that financial education programs and services allow all West Virginians to pursue new opportunities both in the classroom and the workplace. For more information on financial education and the programs and services available, contact the State Treasurer’s Office.

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