Bright Babies Today, College Graduates Tomorrow

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Sep 29 2015

A new initiative from SMART529 rewards you for starting your child’s college savings plan early.

With the launch of the Bright Babies program, parents will have an extra $100 deposited into their SMART529, when they open an account for their newborn child.

Families with a child born after January 1st, 2015 are eligible for the Bright Babies grant, but don’t put it off because the offer is only good if the account is opened before the child’s first birthday!

The child must also be a resident of West Virginia to qualify for the $100.

Families who have recently adopted a child can also take advantage of the Bright Babies grant.

Regardless of the child’s age, any adopted child who has not yet celebrated the one year anniversary of their adoption can receive the $100 contribution with a new SMART529 account.

You can learn more about the Bright Babies grant program, and open your account, online at You can also call 866-574-3542 for assistance.

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